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Julie Marie

While growing up, in Brooklyn, NY, I was always surrounded by many people who love me. This helped me

greatly through the loss of my mother, Marie.  My father (Frank), sister (AnnMarie),

three brothers (Joe, Vin, & Anthony), and I have remained very close and have held her memory close in our hearts.


Throughout my childhood my godmother, Charlotte has been the most stable rock in my life. I moved in with my godparents, Charlotte & Richie, a few years after my mother's death. Through the years, they have taken care of me and loved me more than anyone can describe in words.

Following my graduation from Fontbonne Hall Academy High School I moved down to Stuart, Florida in August of 1998 to attend Indian River Community College (IRCC). After completing an AA degree in Information Systems I transferred to Florida State University (FSU) to complete my BS degree in Information Management Systems (MIS). I then graduated on April 27, 2002.


I am now a very proud mother of two very active little boys.  My days are filled with love and joy from all three of my men.  Tim, thank you for making me a Mommy; but, most of all,

thank you for making me SO HAPPY every single day.


               Colin                                                              Dylan                               





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