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1978 T-Craft

 24' Beachcomber Rebuild

These are some photos of our old family boat that I am rebuilding. As you can see by the "before" pictures, several years of nonuse and neglect left the boat in a pretty dilapidated state. So having stripped her down to the stringers, I am replacing the deck, and adding some reinforcing bulkheads to support the new deck.  In doing so I am also reconfiguring the layout, and planning some modernizing amenities. I will attempt to keep this page updated as I make progress.

If anyone has information or needs information about this model T-Craft, please let me know, ronjr@pennenga.com

Cockpit Area Port Side  Cabin view from cockpit 

Cockpit Area Starboard Side

These are all of the before pictures that I have. You can see a glimpse of the disaster that the boat was in before I began the restoration.

Old Deck Removed

Old deck removed.



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